The Dragon’s Hoard – The Interactive Adventure

Release Date: November 2015
Genre: Text-Adventure
Inspiration(s): The potential of Text-Adventures, the short story ‘The Dragon’s Hoard’ by Andrew Ballard!
Core: Define your own experience of ‘The Dragon’s Hoard’
Developer Studio: Mythic Dragon Entertainment
My Role in the Project: Game Design, Programming
Download Link: Available Here

This Interactive Adventure game is made with Twine and is entirely inspired by ‘The Dragon’s Hoard‘ by Andrew Ballard (2015). The whole purpose of this game demo was to demonstrate how it would be when readers become players, making it their own experience, rather than observe someone else’s decisions. Ultimately allowing the player to experience of how the Protagonist (named Lucas in the short story), got to the Dragon’s Hoard and what the things were that he experienced short before facing the dragon.

For me personally there was a great motivation to work on this project as Andrew is a close friend of mine and I greatly enjoyed his story, while having some free-time and desire to explore some game development engines. Thanks to this project I have not just dug deeper into Twine, but learned quite some valuable lessons in the game development process. From simple changelog tracking to bug fixes up to accepting and evaluating feedback, and to understand that more than one road leads to the goal of a working end-product.

By Andreas Lopez