As described on my homepage, I strongly care about accessibility, so I want to share a bit of the resources and knowledge I accumulated. I trust you will be able to utilize the information and implement it in your games or share the information. First of all I want to thank the IGDA Accessibility SIG for assessing the information and helping to spread the resources.

So why is accessibility such a big deal – isn’t it just for disabled people?

No, definitely not. That is one of the misconceptions. It applies to everyone who faces some sort of barrier or impairment. So if you make a game and you have it only in English and it is very strongly based on the narrative, then you are excluding everyone who does not know English. Which would be a lot of people, in a global comparison. Offering various languages such as Spanish and French could increase playerbase, revenue and therefor in more success for the game.

On the example of deafness, one could think only of those that have no hearing at all are affected. But what about those that have no speakers, or are in public places or simply cannot play with sound because they are watching over a baby and don’t want to disturb someones sleep or other reasons. Closed Captioning (CC) could help both impaired groups, those that have the medical condition and those that have a social condition. So you see that various barriers are not just disease related, but also environmental.


I only can scratch the surface on my website here, so here are some resources where you can go to learn more:
THE website on why and how you could implement accessibility solutions.
A non-profit public charity that is one of the major organizations making a difference for accessibility.
A detailed article by Polygon about accessibility and it’s importance.
The website of the IGDA Game Accessibility Special Interest Group.
Websites that offer audio games for blind and visually impaired individuals.

GDC 2015 – IGDA GA SIG Roundtable Group Picture:


GDC Vault – Accessibility 2015 Panels:

Building a Manifesto for Game Accessibility:…/102…/Building-a-Manifesto-for-Game

No More Excuses, Your Guide to Accessible Game Design…/1022172/No-More-Excuses-Your-Guide


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