My Projects

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I created a Roleplaying System with the purpose of being played on a forum or other post-by-post means, such as Instant Messaging services. It is based of the fictional universe known as ‘Warhammer 40,000’ which was created by Games Workshop. This is fan-based work to show my love for Casual Roleplaying, in attempt to make Pen & Paper games such as Dungeons & Dragons, or the actual Deathwatch Games licensed by Games Workshop to Fantasy Flight Games more accessible to newcomers.

It is also a tribute to the Roleplaying sub-community of Eternal Crusade’s forums, where my first and most successful RP was a 100% casual Deathwatch RP. I wanted to resurrect the original joy of the narrative, but giving it interesting twists with more personality, long-term goals, and balanced combat system, so I eventually came to mold the Deathwatch Station RP. The main design framework was done by myself, but as any good designer I asked for feedback and incorporated what others had to say that improved it dramatically. Check out for more information:

Rulebook | Web-Based Character Creator | Roleplay Thread




I am the Co-Founder of Mythic Dragon Entertainment, responsible for all Games that are created based on the stories written by Andrew Ballard, the Founder. I am doing the Game Design & Programming for these games. Further projects are currently not planned as our lives took unexpected turns.

A project of Mythic Dragon Entertainment is ‘The Dragons’ Hoard – The Interactive Adventure’ which is based on the Short Story with the same name. The game had been finalized as a prologue of the dragon encounter, as in the story. Feel free to download it, available here. Although there was a full version planned, Andrew and I decided against it as our both lives found other priorities and the fact that this is in fact a stable build and lets players decide what occurred to Lucas before he met the Dragon.

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